PaddleBoardYoga is the result of our love for the open sea, the fulfilment of sharing our knowledge and the excitement of discovery we experience in our journeys and yet to come.

Having travelled extensively to exotic and unknown destinations we chose without hesitation to base our endeavor in Chania, Crete. Call it back to the roots or strong ties with the earth and sea of Crete, the truth is that we discovered that every exotic spot we visited lied in our backyard.

Waste no time! Come and join us. Discover what the island of Crete has to offer and be the first one to do so on a PaddleBoardYoga! Be it the coastline, the hidden picturesque lakes or the mythical rivers from the island’s mountains. Experience it all from a unique angle of view.



Stefanos Averkiou
Founder / PaddleBoardYoga Manager



Nefeli Stamouli
PaddleBoardYoga Instructor


Stefanos Averkiou has been around water all of his life. Born near the sea, his love for the water and the fulfilment it entails has always guided and affected his choices. Competing from an early age in and out of the water he developed the persistence and stamina to pursue his goals no matter the level of difficulty.

His love and attraction to the sea environment have led him to learn and practice several watersports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing and wakeboarding. In addition, he has been an instructor for several years and participated in a number of events both as a competitor and later on as a judge. Stand up paddle was added to the list as a means of rehabilitation after an injury. What seemed at the beginning a low intensity physio -workout, quickly became a daily quest. As the sport revealed its potential, the more devoted he became.

Yoga entered his life when his wife attended some prenatal courses during her pregnancy and they both continued with partner courses after little Melina was born. Since then yoga has complemented every other activity. Paddleboardyoga was founded as soon as Stefanos and his family settled in Crete. The unique environment, the ideal conditions and the warmth of the people were a true inspiration.

Alongside with his love for sports and water, he travelled extensively in both north and south hemisphere in search for the best conditions. These long journeys have only led him back to his roots, the beyond comparison beautiful island of Crete.

Stefanos holds a bachelor degree in Computer Science and an MBA in Project Management. He has more than 14 years of experience in the IT sector and has worked for several large corporations.


Nefeli was born in Athens in 1986. She occupied herself with dance and music from an early age. She studied classical and modern dance in the Hellenic National School of Dance and graduated in 2006 with the diploma of dancer-choreographer and dance teacher. She cooperated with the group of the "State School of Dance" dancing in Greece and abroad.

Meanwhile she teaches classical and modern dance and attends various kinds of dance as Flamenco, Hip-Hop, American Jazz and courses of vocal music as well.

In 2009 she comes for the first time into contact with Yoga. She practices in Hatha Yoga and in 2012 she attends the educational seminar "Teacher Training Hatha Yoga 200" (RYT) in the school GHYTA Yoga School having Mr Michalis Filinis as a teacher.

Since then she teaches yoga in schools and studios to children and adults and gives personal training to adults. She also attends seminars on Yoga for pregnant women, Yoga for children, lyengar Yoga, Partner Yoga and Acro Yoga.